You are not alone. 
Together we are Stronger Than Sarcoidosis.


Our mission is to raise awareness, advocate, and educate about this rare disease called sarcoidosis. We aim to strengthen the sarcoidosis community with information, support, connection, and interactive events that focus on the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of living with this disease.

Stronger Than Sarcoidosis was created by sarcoidosis patients, for sarcoidosis patients, and we will always be patient-centered. We aim to support the sarcoidosis community, ensuring that all sarcoidosis patients know they are not alone. Together, we are Stronger Than Sarcoidosis.


Stronger Than Sarcoidosis was created by sarcoidosis patients, for sarcoidosis patients. We've each been active in the New York, national, and online sarcoidosis communities, so we'd already felt like family before we even met in person. We know how important that sarcoidosis family is, and how hard it is to navigate the diagnosis without someone who really knows what you're going through. We've been there ... and we're here for you. 

Frank Rivera


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Kerry Wong

Vice President

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Cathleen Terrano


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Cheryl Bradford


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Together, we are STR❄️NGER

At Stronger Than Sarcoidosis, we believe in a collaborative approach to supporting our community. We know that each of us brings valuable experience, and together we are STR❄NGER. We are proud to partner with the following organizations:


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