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Cheryl Bradford

Vice President

Cheryl was diagnosed with sarcoidosis in October 2001, but initially did not have debilitating or worrisome symptoms until 2010, when she developed a constant cough and chest pain. After years of going to different pulmonologists who could not help her, in 2013, she was rushed to the hospital after passing out and hitting her head on the bathroom sink. There, she learned that her condition had worsened: Cheryl has sarcoidosis in her lungs, lymph nodes, sinuses, skin, and most recently, her bones. She has also been diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy, pulmonary hypertension, multiple aspergillomas of the lungs, Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD), scarring of the lungs, and exertion hypoxemia (low blood oxygen), all due to the sarcoidosis. All this resulted in her early retirement due to disability from the Department of Education.

Since her retirement, Cheryl now focuses on a healthier lifestyle, including working out three days per week. Cheryl has a saying about sarcoidosis and exercise: “kicking sarcoidosis’ butt one exercise at a time.” Cheryl also volunteers at her church and Hope Day Network, an organization affiliated with her church that gives back to the community.

Cheryl always finds time to spread awareness and advocate for sarcoidosis. Once while vacationing at her second home (Bermuda), she was interviewed about her illness; it was broadcast live across Europe, and received great feedback. Cheryl is a Patient Ambassador for the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research, and a mentor for ILD at Snow Companies. In May, Cheryl recorded a video for Snow Companies about living in the pandemic with Sarcoidosis. Soon she will be featured in Lungs And You Magazine and on its website.

Cheryl lives in Queens, NY, next door to her sister and caregiver, Vera, who is her greatest support and best friend. She always looks forward to spending time with her biggest fans, daughter Lynette and grandson Samir, who live in Charlotte, NC.

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